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 Dust Yourself Off

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Lost One


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PostSubject: Dust Yourself Off   25th February 2009, 11:59

When life gets tough the tough get goin . . .

When your life seems overwhelming with all things going array.
And depression takes a hold by spiraling you each and every day.
If you let your life continue on its driven path you cannot survive.
Its time for you to regroup, sound praise and thank God youíre alive.

For as long as you take a breath you can fight to conquer all.
You can pick yourself up dust yourself off and begin to stand tall.
Iím not saying itís going to be easy it takes much courage to try.
But I do promise you it will make a difference, from where you now lie.

Start with counting your blessings even if you think theyíre small.
For everyday you will see more which is better than none at all.
Shift your life to others and give them your love and affection.
For you receive so much in return, you will see a beautiful reflection.

Sometimes when we help others, they see who we really are.
A person that is hurting and in pain, but one who could go far.

~ Bonnie May ~
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PostSubject: Re: Dust Yourself Off   25th February 2009, 14:07


i try to remember wen stuff gets real bad, i ask for help from above, and know the bad will pass
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PostSubject: Re: Dust Yourself Off   25th February 2009, 15:15

Yes, when your down, it seems to be the hardest time to remember, thanks Lost One love
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PostSubject: Re: Dust Yourself Off   25th February 2009, 18:04

Lost are my yellow butterfly for the day. Thank you so much! love
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PostSubject: Re: Dust Yourself Off   

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Dust Yourself Off
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