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 Another Walk With Me

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PostSubject: Another Walk With Me   17th February 2009, 08:31

Come take another walk with me,
This time we'll take a leap of faith;
Accept Jesus as our Savior,
Do it now before it's too late.

Let us go back in time to that night,
The Holy night our Savior came down;
Born in a stable to Mary,
Through birth He never made a sound.

Let's walk with Him to the temple,
On that awful, blasphemous day;
When Jesus taught them a lesson,
That God s house was a place to pray.

Maybe we can try the water,
He so easily turned to wine;
And shared with all the party guests,
Christ made that wedding turn out fine.

Walk beside Him into the fields,
With the thousands who came to see;
If Jesus was the Son of God,
Come here to save both you and me.

Let's eat of the fish and the bread,
His disciples passed to the crowd;
There's plenty for everyone,
Even when seconds were allowed.

We'll escort Him into the court,
Then deny Him because we can;
Still He will sacrifice His life,
For every child, woman and man.

Let's walk with Him to Calvary,
Feel the whips as they slash His back;
Shun all the hatred from the crowds,
The pain of their verbal attack.

Watch as they lay Him on the cross,
Stretching His limbs to await the nails;
Listen to the crowd as they cheer,
Try to block out His loved one s wails.

We'll watch on as His life slips away,
But not before He turned and forgave;
The thief who was hanging next to Him,
Another sinner He came to save.

Watch as they gently take Him down,
Clean Him up as best as they can;
Look as they lay Him in the tomb,
That belonged to another man.

And we'll be there on the third day,
The day of His resurrection;
When He returned to His Father,
He granted us our salvation.

For eternity in Heaven,
There is no charge, entry is free;
Jesus paid it for all of us,
On the cross at Mount Calvary.

Now we can go back to our time,
Thanks for taking a walk with me;
Been a pleasure, see you again,
On God's side of eternity.


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Lost One


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PostSubject: Re: Another Walk With Me   18th February 2009, 09:36

I'd walk with Him any time love
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PostSubject: Re: Another Walk With Me   18th February 2009, 12:15

Lost One wrote:
I'd walk with Him any time love

Indeed love
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PostSubject: Re: Another Walk With Me   18th February 2009, 15:43

sob Oh my...thank you's so nice to be taken back to the Cross....
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PostSubject: Re: Another Walk With Me   

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Another Walk With Me
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