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 A Young Pup

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Lost One


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PostSubject: A Young Pup   27th January 2009, 08:29

My aging Saint Bernard, Buddy and six month old Beagle puppy, Snoopy Girl are doing their morning wrestling match as I write this. It is always such a joy to watch. Snoopy will stand on her hind legs to nibble on the hanging jowls of old Buddy and run in circles around him while he tries to pin her down with his big head and long legs. There is a lot of barking, playful growling, jumping, and bouncing around too. Sometimes the whole house will shake as they have their morning fun. It makes me laugh seeing the carefree happiness in them. It delights my soul as well seeing my little Beagle bring out the puppy that still lives inside my senior citizen Saint Bernard.

Watching the two of them helps me see again that we really arenít these aging bodies that carry us around but rather the shining souls that live within them. Never let yourself be fooled by that person in the mirror. Our bodies may wrinkle and shrink and our hair may gray and thin out, but on the inside we are as vibrant and beautiful as we ever were. Our souls are eternal. They may grow wiser and more loving in this life, but they will remain forever young. And while our bodies will all one day return to dust the souls within them will go on to an even greater life beyond this one.

Donít let yourself become an old dog in this life then. Let that young pup that still lives within you come out to play instead. Live from your soul and love from your heart. You were put here to learn, grow, and become. You were put here to create, enjoy, and delight in your life. You were put here to be the most loving, giving, caring, joyous, and beautiful person you can be. And you were put here to share that person with everyone you meet. Have the time of your life doing so and always remember that God loves you today, tomorrow, and forever.
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PostSubject: Re: A Young Pup   28th January 2009, 21:17

love I try to be that young pup and live a so called 'fun' life, but my grandpa tells me that I need to grow up dunno
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PostSubject: Re: A Young Pup   29th January 2009, 21:08

There is "growing up" then there is "GROWING UP" Jack and I can still embarrass our children----and we don't even have to try, they tell us to "grow up" hysterical

There is a song from the late sixties or early seventies, I don't remember who sang it, but there was a line it that said "I was older than, I'm younger than that now!" I think it might have been the Turtles. Same concept Thanks for the reminder Lost One love
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PostSubject: Re: A Young Pup   30th January 2009, 19:08

i will never grow up!!! on the inside anyways
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PostSubject: Re: A Young Pup   

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A Young Pup
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