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 Christmas Around the World

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PostSubject: Christmas Around the World   24th December 2008, 08:32

In the Northern Hemisphere
it gets cold this time of year,
frozen rivers stop their flow;
the ground below covered with snow.

Families gathered together
sheltered warmly from bad weather,
sharing a meal on Christmas Day
served in bone china from a tray.

Drinking chocolate hot and steamy
eating pudding sweet and creamy;
exchanging gifts 'midst Christmas cheer -
Oh, what a lovely time of year!

In the Southern Hemisphere
Christmas-time is drawing near;
the weather's gone from cold to hot
and winter-time has been forgot.

The sun is bright; white moon at night,
a nice warm Christmas feels so right;
children playing in the sun
running, jumping, having fun.

Barbecuing by the pool;
water sparkling clear and cool,
kin have come from far and near
and hearts are filled with Christmas cheer.

No matter where on earth we live,
do we remember Jesus's birth;
do we bow down our heads to pray
honoring Him on His own day?

A day that has been set apart
to celebrate Him with glad heart;
Loving Him and loving others -
loving all mankind as brothers.

Just as we do on Christmas Day
let us continue in this way;
set each day apart for Him,
For Jesus Christ; our Savior King.


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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Around the World   24th December 2008, 15:26

Amen love
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Around the World   24th December 2008, 19:24

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Around the World   

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Christmas Around the World
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