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 Storms in Life

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PostSubject: Storms in Life   4th May 2009, 06:53

The storms in our life are difficult to bear,
Troubled seas of sorrow around us roll;
Winds of affliction may bring us to despair,
Then a soft breeze calms the weary soul.

Dark clouds drift across our blue sky,
Waves of anger may cross our stormy sea;
It is then, we pause to wonder "why"...
We tremble and cry, "Jesus, please pilot me."

Troubles arise in many forms of disguise,
Shadows of trust across the mind may dart;
Tears fall as heavy rain to dim the eyes,
Calm streams then soothe our fearful heart.

While the storm rages... let Jesus take control,
He protects us from seen and un-seen harms;
He is Faithful and the Keeper of our soul,
He holds us tenderly in His Everlasting Arms.

He safely guards each weary step we take,
He is patient, kind, loving and true;
Trust Him in the darkness and when we awake,
He leads, guides and directs us 'til life is through.

When the storm passes by... give Him praise,
Our anchor in Him will buoy us on with hope for our goal.
He keeps us safe... by His marvelous Grace,
We will rest steadfast and secure with a haven for our soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Storms in Life   4th May 2009, 09:20

That's beautiful, Brianna..thank you.... love
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Storms in Life
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